Hope you good health and many success.

Hi! I am a freelance writer and researcher.

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I am a freelancer and my work is reflection of myself. A work that is only done for remuneration and on expertise bases is not that much appealing and creative then a work that a person do is his hobby and passion. Take a step forward in the world of discoveries, innovation, excitement and enthusiasm to reveal the essence of writing and doing work.

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I am a diversified writer mostly like to write on topics that ignites my interest and knowledge. I am a researcher and market analyst. I also work on volunteer bases.

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My portfolio showcases the beauty of nothing that exist even if you cannot realize it. Sometimes, something is better then nothing and nothing is better then something. Take a break and try to find the meaning inside this sentence then follow me stay up to date.

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Hello I am Nimra Noor. I am a person who likes to write in new dimensions and work and create new paths that makes me and other happy.

I write because I like putting my feelings and emotions rather myself in words, making my pen to create a new self of me in each word. I started writing for myself and then start to think why not write for others and make my knowledge and writings beyond the circle to benefit others and myself. Writing is my hobby and words are my best friends that makes a path for me to walk. After writing I am also a good reader and in depth analyzer.

Words are not just for reading to get the contextual meaning but to getting the essence or taste of the underlying meaning.



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